About Me - Stefanus's


A travel addict, adrenalin junkie, aspiring photographer and food lover.

I believe a picture can tell a story, emotion, experience, and feeling. I strive to take photo that capture all those and convey it to you. I also believe a photograph is a two way communication. The photographer need to know how to convey it and the viewer need to know how to perceive the photograph. 

I love travelling, some of my friends call me a nomad because I always jump at the opportunity to travel and take photographs. I want to show to other people what I have experience, what you can experience by going to those places. I want to share my view and how I perceive things with other people. 

I always try to find opportunity to travel, so if any of you my viewers have an opportunity for me to go somewhere to capture those moments, do shoot me an email !  

I'm also looking to expand my photography to people capturing moments. Such as wedding, birthday, graduation and any other really. So if you would like to have a photo session do contact me as well! I will be really grateful and appreciate it!

I'm also hoping that someone will like a photograph of mine and considering to purchase it so that I could fund this passion of mine. 

So for now Stefanus out and stay classy people~ 

ps - if you want to buy any of my picture drop me an email ! 

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